3 Reasons for Not Getting a Massage

Do regular massages have a lot of health benefits? A quick google search on benefits of massage results in 41.7 million pages. Dig down first few links, and the answer is obvious. There’s mountain of evidence that regular massages will help treat body pains, boost your immune system, calm your body and mind, help in digestion, blood circulation, help treat headache, and numerous other conditions. You’ll see immediate and lasting benefits even from a single session. Then why not get a massage?

1. They’ll lure you with introductory prices

We don’t have to prove you on this. A quick google search for massage will present you offers from national spa chains such as Massage Envy and Hand & Stone with titles like “$50 Intro Massage”. What is “Intro“? Why “Intro“? It is simply to lure you in their doors, so that they can hammer you with what’s coming next. See reason #2 below.

2. They’ll bind you in contracts

Again, we don’t have to prove you on this. A quick google search for massage envy contract or hand and stone contract will present you thousands of horror stories where people have been stuck in their contracts, with no way out. They’ll keep charging your card or bank account and make it very very hard to terminate their contracts. Tonnes of fine print everywhere in their contracts. We recommend take your wallet, and run out.

3. They’re big international spa chains

Correct. They’re big international giants. They have no real connection to your local area in Orlando. They hire just about anyone, and provide subpar treatments. Don’t believe that? Check their google or yelp reviews and see for yourself. They typically make their massage therapists slog and don’t give back nothing to the community. You won’t typically see them at any community events or programs.

Still Want a Massage?

So what is the solution? Should you still get a massage? Of course you should. As Dr. Oz says, you should get a massage at least once a month. But you should keep coming back to us because you see the benefits, NOT because you have a contract.

So come join our NO CONTRACT movement. At J. Sterling’s you can get a one-hour massage or facial for the most reasonable price anywhere of only 35 dollars without any contracts.

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