Massage – is it pampering or necessity?

Many people think “Is massage for me?” Is it a necessity or pampering? Should I do it or not? Is it habit forming? Would I need to keep having massages if I had once?

The short answer is “depends”. Of course massage is not a basic necessity like  food, water, and shelter. Your first priority should be the basic necessities. However, if you are have discretionary spendings, such as restaurants and films, you should definitely give a try to your local spa.

But massages have undisputed long list of health benefits on your body and mind. Many people can let years go by between massage, while many others go weekly, and swear by their massage therapist. While massage does feel like pampering, in many ways it is a necessity for wellbeing. Your body and mind experiences wear and tear from daily life. Massage helps un-do the damages, and helps reestablish balance.

Is it habit forming? To answer that question, let ask you is a gym membership habit forming? Gym is not habit forming, but people realize the benefits of using the gym, so they go regularly. Same way many people realize benefits from regular massage sessions, so they keep going.

Do you have to keep getting more massages if you had once? No, having a massage doesn’t create any situations  in your body that would force you to keep getting more massage. However, seeing the immediately visible results, many first time clients prefer to keep coming back for regular sessions because they want their aches and pains are reduced, or they love the feeling of wellbeing, or they love the experience, and for many other reasons.

So we suggest to keep regular massage at a priority after your basic necessities, but before your discretionary spendings, such as restaurants and films.