Three Things to Know About Massage

Are you getting a massage for the first time? Or are you a regular that wants to revisit the basics? It is a good idea to know three things before a massage.

1. Not All Massages Are Created Equal

There are many massage modalities to address different problems and achieve different objectives. If your objective is to feel relaxed, Swedish massage is way to go. If you’re suffering frequent headache, cranial sacral or scalp massage would benefit the most. While most massage session cover the whole body, it may be a good idea to ask your therapist to skip other areas and focus on the areas that you feel needs most attention. You can ask to extend the time or go back for another session for to target missed areas.

2. Massage Benefits & Feelings Last Much Longer After the Session Is Over

You’d feel very much relaxed, and your body would feel like jello at the end of your session! Does that feeling last or wear out fast? Most people report that they feel relaxed for days and weeks after their massage session. Massage therapy induces feelings of wellbeing and heartfulness that is unmatched even with Yoga or Meditation. Massage therapy is medically recognized for healing tissues, muscles, body, and spirit. Massage therapy is integral part of treatment plans for many many medical conditions in hospitals and clinics across the nations.

3. Massage Therapy is Preventative, Treatment, and Maintenance

Should you consider massage as a preventive measure, as a treatment, or as a maintenance plan? Actually, all three. Massage therapy prevents body pains from going worse and chronic. At the same time, it also helps in treatment for many conditions, from simple muscle pains to severe fibromyalgia. Plus massage is a maintenance for your body and spirit, because it re-energizes your body and lifts your spirit.