Hair Stylists

Only four Spots left. Call us Now!

We’re looking for talented hair stylists for Apopka and Winter Park locations. We’re ready for you when you’re ready for yourself.

When you work at commissioned salons, you do all the hard work but they pay you a small portion of what they charge their clients – NOT FAIR! When you work at chair rental salons, you get some amenities, but you constantly keep losing clients because the salon owners do not promote you – NOT GOOD! And the worst is when you work at salon suites- you keep all the proceeds, but the rents are expensive, you have to sign a contract, and they provide zero support – no marketing or promotion, no reception, no payment processing, no website, no phone, and nobody to interact with, what an isolated environment – TOTAL DISASTER!

That’s when we come into picture. With us you get best of the both worlds! For a low monthly Service Fee, you’re provided with a work environment that is 100% ready for you. You set your hours, and keep all the proceeds. We spend real dollars on promoting you and the salon-spa. With three locations in Apopka, Altamonte, and Winter Park, we have a huge marketing budget, which retains regular clients, and always pulls in new clients for you.

So if you have at least some clientele to start with, come join our team and let us help you further build your book. Sounds like too good to be true? Give us a call and arrange an appointment to learn more. You won’t be disappointed.

Our salons are beautiful and upscale. We’ve won numerous awards from local magazines in Best Salon and Best Spa categories for more than 17 years. Call Devin at 407 961 8457 and let us show you your runway to success!

Only 4 spots left. Call us Now!

Massage Therapists and Estheticians

Tired of low pay and unfair treatment for therapists at national spa chains? Let us show you why our therapists are so much more happy and successful. Our success formula is very simple – focus on quality and low overheads – so that we can provide highest quality services, charge the clients less than the competitors, and pay you more than the competitors.

This sounds so simple on paper, but most difficult to execute. That is why all the national spa chains and their imitators follow the same failed formula, while nobody is able to copy our system. And that is why the best therapists and estheticians who have worked and burned at national chains feel rescued when they learn about us. They join us and prefer to work with us. If you’re a new graduate, we pair you with experienced therapists so that you learn fast to work in the field and be successful immediately.

We treat you with respect as partners in success – not subordinates, contractors, or employees. Our pay structure is among the best in the spa industry. Call Devin at 407 961 8457 and let us show you your runway to success!

Perform consecutive quality massage therapy sessions.
Design specific sessions based on clients individual needs.
Build your clientele by promoting the health and wellness benefits of receiving massage therapy on a regular basis.
Create excellent experience for clients through friendly and helpful attitude.
Help maintain professionalism and cleanliness of therapy rooms and common areas.

Position requirements:
Must adhere to local and state licensing laws and regulations.
Must carry liability insurance.
Knowledge of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage required. Knowledge of other modalities beneficial.
Must be customer service oriented and able to communicate effectively with clients, clinic management and sales staff.

$$$ everyday.
Flexible schedules.
Steady clientele.
Opportunity to have your own big spa & salon when you’re ready – $10,000 off for every year of service!